All containers are owned by the City of Conway. Each owner, occupant, tenant or lessee using or occupying any house, building structure or portion thereof requiring commercial service must lease containers of sufficient number and size to contain the garbage and/or trash that will accumulate on the premises. In the case of multiple dwellings or multiple-occupancy, this will be the duty of the owner of the premises unless otherwise agreed to by the mayor, city council or director. Containers must be kept clean and accessible. The city is not required to remove garbage or other litter not placed in containers or that is placed on top of or around the containers. (O-04-24)

Commercial Trash

ATTENTION! Please note the following as Unacceptable Waste for Dumpster Disposal:

  1. Any type of motor oil (See ADEQ Regulation 23, Section 279)
  2. No Paint/Glue that has not been Solidified
  3. No Appliances
  4. No Electronic Waste (T.V.'s, Computers, Stereo Equipment, etc...)
  5. No Old Furniture, Mattresses, Box Springs, etc...)
  6. No Whole Tires
  7. No Car Batteries or old Car Parts
  8. No Medical Waste that hasn't been properly Segregated, Treated and Rendered unrecognizable (Arkansas Health Department Regulation 41)
  9. No Construction Debris (Carpet, Padding, Wood, Dry Wall, etc...)
  10. No Yard Waste