Love, Conway: A Public Art Workshop

Show some love to Conway and co-create the future of public art for better neighborhoods and public spaces.

Visit or sign up for the workshop, take the survey, and to learn more about the project.

Why does Conway need a public art master plan?

The Conway Public Art Master Plan will help integrate and unite our City together through defining and projecting our values and unique qualities to the immediate region and the world beyond our borders. Our plan will create a roadmap for how we strategically enhance and activate our community's public realm with public art in a way that celebrates Conway's spirit and artistic expressions.

How can public art transform a city?

Public art provides meaning to our public spaces, reflects our history, current conditions and the aspirations of our city. It adds uniqueness to our neighborhoods, and humanizes our built environment. Public art provides the intersection between our past, present, and future, and also has the power to elevate and unite our city through its unique ability to create gains in social, economic, and cultural value.

Social Value

When people see themselves reflected in their civic spaces, they have a sense of attachment that allows them to feel ownership and respect.

Economic Value

Enhancing the identity and character of Conway through public art directly supports cultural tourism and economic development strategies, which can attract and retain residents.

Cultural Value

Public Art has the power to invite contemplation, cultivate curiosity and creative thinking, and to create uniqueness through the reflection of local history and culture which gives communities a sense of place and identity.