Oak Street Ahead Open House

Conway City Hall
Address: 1111 Main Street Conway, AR 72032

The City of Conway will host an open house for Oak Street Ahead at Conway City Hall on Tuesday, February 21 from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.

For the past year the city has worked with Garver, RDG Planning & Design, community stakeholders, business owners, and the public to study transportation, land use, and urban design for the Oak Street corridor. Thanks to constructive feedback and input, we’re now ready to provide the public with a final opportunity to help us fine tune our plan for the future of one of Conway’s major gateways.

Priority criteria include:
* Traffic Flow
* Safety
* Image and Aesthetics
* Existing Business Operation
* New Development & Infill
* Bike/Ped
* Neighborhood Connections
* Parking Efficiency

Representatives from the City of Conway Planning & Development Department, Garver, and RDG Planning & Design will be on hand to present the plan, gather feedback, and answer questions.

The open house will not be live-streamed but it will be recorded and published Wednesday, February 22nd.