The field can be used for the following sports: baseball, fast pitch, slow pitch softball. The time slots will be the following. Monday thru Friday. Please request only (1) time slot. 




All reservations must be requested via email to Skylor Swope

Rules - 

  • This policy will go into effect tonight. So if you plan to use the field this week, please email Skylor to make a reservation.
  • There is no minimum to hold the field. Even a father and his son/daughter can make a reservation.
  • We ask everyone to be respectful to the ending time of their reservation and be exiting the field on time to allow the practice behind theirs to start on time.
  • We ask that each coach only request (1) practice during the week to allow as many teams as possible to utilize the field. 
  • We will not be taking reservations for the field on the weekend. However, we do ask that anyone using the field on the weekend to keep their practice time to no longer than an hour.
  • Practice reservations will be taken on a weekly basis starting on Monday morning at 12 a.m. for that week. Any email requests prior to that will not be accepted. Only emails in the a.m. hours on Monday will be accepted. Skylor will reply Monday morning to all requests when time allows, working through the requests chronologically as they were received.
  • Daily reservations will be posted on our website each day under "Airport Field" tab. This will allow all coaches to have access who has the field reserved that night.