Yard waste collection is a residential-only service offered by the Conway Department of Sanitation. This weekly service is provided at no additional charge to residential properties utilizing paid green-cart curbside garbage collection. Curbside collection occurs on the same day as the resident's regularly scheduled garbage collection day.

Need a reminder to hang in the shed or to pass along to a neighbor? Check out our Residential Guide to Yard Waste.

Yard waste collection is provided for general yard debris (i.e. grass clippings, twigs, and leaves) and under the following guidelines:

  • yard waste must be placed within 2-feet of the curb
  • no more than 10 biodegradable brown paper bags or resident-owned containers per collection day (32-gallon maximum)
  • filled bags and containers must not exceed 50-pounds
  • stacked brush piles must not exceed 10-feet (L) x 10-feet (W) x 3-feet (H)
  • provided yard waste services are not applicable for tree removal
  • animal waste of any kind WILL NOT be accepted and will prevent collection
  • yard waste placed in plastic bags of any kind (including plastic bags labeled for trash, leaves, compost, and yard) WILL NOT be accepted and will prevent collection

Important! Yard waste is banned from being placed in either of the green and blue curbside carts. State regulations do not permit yard waste in landfills, and yard waste is not permitted within the recycling stream. Curbside carts found with yard waste inside will not be collected.

Notice to residents who contract with tree trimmers/cutters:

Brush and limbs generated as a result of contracted work (by professional tree trimmers/cutters) will not be collected curbside by the Conway Department of Sanitation. Conway ordinance (O-77-12) requires that all professional tree trimming/cutting businesses haul away any yard waste they generate.

Commercial Property & Multi-Family Complex Yard Waste Services:

The Conway Department of Sanitation does not provide yard waste services for commercial properties and multi-family complexes. It is the responsibility of the property owner to arrange collection and hauling of any yard waste.

Options for Excess Yard Waste:

Yard waste collection is done so as a fair and equitable service and in a timely and efficient manner. To maintain this standard, The Conway Department of Sanitation is not able to customize collection to individual property needs. On the occasion where a resident has more than the allowable collection limit or has items too large for curbside collection, residents may bring yard waste to the City of Conway Landfill at no additional cost. Conway residents must provide proof of address (i.e. driver's license and either the most recent Conway Corp bill or ready Conway Corp app). Any loads must be covered to avoid litter, per Conway ordinance (O-13-70).

Reduce Yard Work & Waste:

Mulching mowers are a great option! They can lead to a healthier yard, less waste, and less work. Backyard composting is another easy reducer. To learn more about composting, visit Arkansas Yard & Garden Resources provided by the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service.