About Boards, Commissions, and Committees

Serve on a Committee

The City of Conway is seeking applications for individuals to serve on over 15 boards and commissions. The City of Conway established boards, commissions, and committees to advise the Mayor and City Council on various interests, from Planning to Historic District to Public Art and more.

All persons seeking membership on any board, commission, or committee must be Conway residents, and some commissions have additional membership requirements.

The City of Conway values the contributions of residents and stakeholders in our decisions, and we are committed to identifying and recruiting the best candidates to serve our community. The Mayor relies on their thoughtful advice to create policies and develop programs.

What Serving Will Mean

The city’s Committees, Boards, and Commissions all vary in their time commitments and requirements for serving. An enabling state statute, city ordinance, or Executive Order often sets forth the board size, membership criteria, and other requirements.

Read over the specific webpage of each board, or you can visit the City of Conway’s YouTube page to watch each board, commission, or committee you are interested in participating in.

How to Apply

The City of Conway actively seeks applicants with diverse backgrounds and experiences to reflect the views and effectively represent the diverse communities of Conway. Appointments are generally made during the annual board opening starting October 1st. Still, they can be made when members have reached their term limits or leave the committee, board, or commission for other reasons, such as resignation.

To apply, please fill out the form below.

NOTE: You can apply only to one committee per application. Two applicants max per applicant. All information submitted is subject to the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act:

What to Expect After You Apply

First, ensure you meet the time commitment of the Boards, Commissions, and Committee you apply for. Contact the Board, Commissions, and Committee staff liaison if you have questions about those commitments. When your application is submitted, you should receive an emailed receipt once your application has been received.

Then, if you meet the qualifications desired for the board, commissions, and committees, the Office of the Mayor staff may contact you for active consideration for the position. The process may include an interview to evaluate your strengths for the position. The application review period runs from November 1 – 31.

If recommended by the Mayor, your name will be sent to the City Council for consideration and approval by the first City Council meeting in December or at the earliest City Council meeting after consideration from the Mayor. Once the City Council approves your appointment, you will receive an email of your appointment and contact information for your staff liaison to begin the process of service on your new board, commission, or committee appointment.