The main duties of the Conway Corporation board of directors include selection of a chief executive officer, assisting management with establishment of policies and goals, and regular reviews of financial and operational performance. Directors must be a Conway citizen willing to serve the community without compensation, philosophically in tune with municipal ownership of utility systems, free of conflicts of interest and firmly established in Conway.

Members: Seven (7)
Terms: Seven (7)
Meetings: Third Tuesday of Each Month at 11:30 a.m.
Contact: (501) 450-6000
Members Term End
Name: Brad Teague, Chairman Term End: May 8, 2022
Name: Lindsay Henderson, Vice-Chairman Term End: May 8, 2023
Name: Tom Courtway, Secretary Term End: May 8, 2024
Name: Jake Nabholz Term End: May 8, 2025
Name: Denise Perry Term End: May 8, 2026
Name: Reggie Rose Term End: May 8, 2027
Name: Kelley Erstine Term End: May 8, 2028