The Housing Authority Board of Commissioners was created in 1940. The role of the Housing Authority is to provide housing needs (decent, safe and sanitary) to low-income families through public housing and the Section 8 Rental Assistance Payments Program.

Members: Five (5)
Terms: Five (5) Years
Meetings: Fourth Monday in January, April, July, September – at 1:00pm, Currently held via ZOOM
Contact: Lorna Simmons, Interim Director | (501) 327-0156
Members Term End
Name: Mayor Robin G. Pitchford, Chairperson Term End: Jan. 15, 2028
Name: Jacqueline R. Wright, Co-Chairperson Term End: April 12, 2028
Name: Jennifer Welter, Co-Chairperson Term End: Sept. 28, 2024
Name: Patricia Blencowe Term End: Jan. 15, 2028
Name: Rhea Williams Term End: May 5, 2027
Name: Ateca R. Foreman Term End: April 12, 2028