The responsibility of the Planning Commission (PC) is to review various types of development proposals within the City of Conway. One of the responsibilities of the Planning Staff is to provide reports, information, and recommendations to the PC regarding those development proposals. The City Attorney’s office is available to consult on the legal ramifications of the decisions made by the Planning Commission. Other municipal officials may also consulted as needed.

Forming Document: A-306
Members: Ten (10)
Terms: Five (5) Years
Meetings: Third Monday of Each Month at 6:30 p.m.
Conway Municipal Building, 1111 Main Street, Conway, AR 72032
Members Term End
Name: Rhea Williams, Chair Term End: Dec. 31, 2022
Name: Rebekah Fincher, Vice-Chair Term End: Dec. 31, 2024
Name: Laura King, Secretary Term End: Dec. 31, 2025
Name: Larry Webb Term End: Dec. 31, 2025
Name: Latisha Sanders-Jones Term End: Dec. 31, 2023
Name: Adam Bell Term End: Dec. 31, 2023
Name: Greg West Term End: Dec. 31, 2022
Name: Alexander Baney Term End: Dec. 31, 2026
Name: Ethan Reed Term End: Dec. 31, 2026
Name: Drew Spurgers Term End: Dec. 31, 2024

Zoning Ordinance Amendments

The Commission makes recommendations to the City Council on proposed amendments to the zoning ordinance. Amendments to the ordinance must be approved by Council because only they have the authority to change municipal laws. There are two types of amendments:

District Changes (Rezonings)

Landowners have the right to petition the City for a change in the zoning of their property. The City can also initiate a change in zoning. The PC recommends approval or disapproval of the request to Council.

Text Amendments

The zoning ordinance is not intended to be a static document and often needs to be amended. The PC recommends ordinance text changes to Council.

Planned Unit Developments (PUD) and Specific Plans

The Planning Commission makes recommendations to the City Council on Planned Unit Developments and Specific Plans, which allow the City to set aside zoning ordinance regulations in light of other considerations. The establishment of a PUD or SP is considered rezoning amendment to the zoning ordinance.

Other Planning Commission Reviews

The City’s zoning ordinance provides the Commission with the final authority on several other types of zoning reviews that often govern project proposals:

Conditional Use Permits (CUP)

Land uses that require a Conditional Use Permit in certain zoning districts allow the City Planning Commission to exercise additional control over those developments in order to ensure that they will have a minimal impact on adjacent and other nearby properties.


The Planning Commission makes a recommendation to the City Council on the suitability of annexation requests.

Building Moving

The Planning Commission makes a recommendation to the City Council on the movement of a structure into Conway from a location outside the City, or the relocation of a structure from one parcel to another within the City.


The Planning Commission reviews and approves major subdivisions and replats (more than 4 lots) within the City and the Territorial Jurisdiction. Planning Staff reviews and approves subdivisions containing 4 lots or fewer. Subdivision approval is made by the Planning Commission. City Council approval is not necessary.

Board of Zoning Adjustment

The Planning Commission acts as the Board of Zoning Adjustment as specified by the Arkansas State Code. The Planning Commission reviews zoning variance requests and makes final decisions concerning these requests. City Council review and approval is not necessary for Board of Zoning Adjustment actions.