Mayor Bart Castleberry announced the City of Conway's upcoming transportation infrastructure improvement projects.

"We paved 58 streets last year and we're looking forward to fixing more streets this year," said Mayor Castleberry. "We know fixing our existing streets is a top priority for the majority of the people in Conway."

"Although we're proud of what we accomplished in the last year, we understand we have a lot of work to do. Unfortunately, we can't fix them all at one time, but we are headed in the right direction and we're making progress."

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The City of Conway adopted the pavement management program in 2017 to help make data-driven decisions.

"The purpose of any pavement management program is to maximize our dollars," said Finley Vinson, director of the Conway Transportation Department. "In essence, our pavement management program maximizes the bang for our buck when we select streets."

We will continue to focus on our existing streets with the highest delay penalty. For example, we applied an asphalt overlay to Siebenmorgen Road last year. If we would have waited longer, then the road would need to be fully rebuilt.

Please take a moment to watch the video embedded below to learn more about how we use our pavement management program to make better decisions.

2019 Asphalt Overlay Projects

  1. Tyler Street - Sena Drive to Washington Avenue
  2. Prince Street - Donaghey Avenue to Locust Street
  3. College Avenue - Salem Road to Donaghey Avenue
  4. Tucker Creek Road - Salem Road to Tyler Street
  5. Sixth Street - Harkrider Street (HWY 64) to First Street
  6. Salem Road Micro-Surface - Dave Ward Drive to College Avenue
  7. Morningside Drive - Timberlane to Tucker Creek
  8. Robinson Avenue - Farris Road to Locust Street
  9. S Davis Street - Robins Street to Dave Ward Drive
  10. Wilmington Drive - Winstead to Marlise Drive
  11. Winstead Drive - Wilmington to Dillard Drive
  12. Destin Drive - Winstead Drive to Marlise Drive
  13. Chase Drive - Winstead to Marlise Drive
  14. Dillard Drive - Winstead Drive to Marlise Drive
  15. Marlise Drive - Chase Drive to Dillard Drive
  16. Broadview Avenue - Manor Street to End
  17. Westwood Circle - End to End
  18. Parkview Circle - End to End
  19. Parkwood Drive - End to End
  20. Bellwood Drive - End to End

Infrastructure Improvement Projects

  1. 2019 - Construction - Stanley Russ Road - Donaghey Avenue to Bill Bell Road
  2. 2019 - Construction - Tyler Street Sidewalk - Gatlin Park to Washington Avenue
  3. 2019 - Construction - Davis Street - Hairston Street Robins Street
  4. 2019 - Repair - Davis Street Sidewalk - Robins Street to Hairston Street
  5. 2019 - Utility Relocation - Donaghey Avenue - Dave Ward Drive to Prince Street
  6. 2020 - Construction - Hillman Street -
  7. 2020 - Construction - Donaghey Avenue - Dave Ward Drive to Prince Street
  8. 2020 - Construction - Salem Road - Dave Ward Drive to College Avenue
    1. Phase 1: Replace bridge over Tucker Creek – Grant application is pending to cover the cost to replace bridge over Tucker Creek.
    2. Phase 2: Tucker Creek Bridge to College Avenue
    3. Phase 3: Tucker Creek Bridge to Dave Ward Drive


  1. 2020 - Salem Road and Irby Drive
  2. 2021 - Salem Road and Tyler Street
  3. 2020-2021 - Donaghey Avenue and Caldwell
  4. 2021-2022 - Donaghey Avenue and College Avenue
  5. 2021-2022 - Donaghey Avenue and Prince Street


  1. 2019 - Construction - I-40 - Noise Barrier Wall - Siebenmorgen Road to Hobby Lobby
  2. 2019 - Construction - Dave Ward Drive - ArDOT - Adaptive Traffic Signals
  3. 2019 - Construction - Markham Street - Metroplan - Van Ronkle Street to Mill Street
  4. 2020 - Improvement Study - I-40/Highway 65 Interchange
  5. 2020 - Improvement Study - Dave Ward Drive - ArDOT - Interstate 40 to Harkrider Street (HWY 65)
  6. 2020 - Construction - Oak Street (HWY 64) - Adaptive Traffic Signals

Pavement Management Program

As the City of Conway has grown, the increase in traffic congestion has put a strain on our existing transportation infrastructure. Funding for capacity and safety improvements have superseded maintenance funding in priority to meet the demand. We maintain 324 centerline miles of pavement that includes arterials, collectors, and residential streets. This program helps us evaluate and maintain our transportation infrastructure in the most cost-effective manner.


  1. Objectively evaluate the current conditions of the Conway's streets.
  2. Recommend projects that best utilize Conway's budget.
  3. Evaluate budget alternatives and needs for long term planning.


Conway Transportation Department

The Conway Transportation Department is solely responsible for maintaining approximately 365 miles of local roadways and approximately 60 traffic signals. In addition, the department provides engineering and construction services for the City of Conway. Read more.

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