Conway Census 2020

The City of Conway is gearing up for the 2020 U.S. Census! The Census is mandated by the U.S. government every 10 years to get a count of the current population. Conway, “We’re counting on YOU!” We need your help to ensure we get the best count for our City.

The census is much more than population numbers on a sign. Responding to the 2020 Census helps shape the future. Responding to the census will help our community get vital funding we need. It also helps businesses make data-driven decisions that grow the economy. Census data also helps shape important decisions about funding for services and infrastructure in our community including:

  • Schools
  • Roads
  • Grants
  • Jobs
  • Healthcare
  • Senior centers
  • Political representation
  • Business
  • Enhance Park Systems
  • Additional Federal Funding

Census 101

Additional census information can be found at:

For additional information contact Shawanna Rodgers in the Office of the Mayor.