The City of Conway launched a first of its kind Roundabout Community Survey on Friday.

Votes will collected from noon on Friday, March 8 to noon on Wednesday, March 13. Click here to cast your vote.

Intersections in most need of improvement include the following:

  • College Avenue & Farris Road
  • College Avenue & Prince Street
  • Prince Street & Country Club Lane
  • Prince Street & Hogan Lane
  • Salem Road & Irby Drive
  • Tyler Street & Salem Street

The Roundabout Community Survey is the culmination of months of collaboration between the Office of the Mayor, Department of Information Technology, and the Conway Transportation Department.

“With the help of my friends in the department of information technology, we are kicking down the barriers preventing us from gathering meaningful feedback from the people of Conway. Nothing will stand in our way moving forward,” said city spokesman Bobby M. Kelly III. “We can build this city together."

Kelly added that the number of submissions will encourage the city to continue its push to convert feedback into action in real time.

“If you want to see more of this in the future, then strap yourself in,” said Kelly. “This rocket has been cleared for launch."

"When we redesigned the website earlier this year, our goal was to make it people focused and I think providing an opportunity for engagement is a great byproduct,” said information technology director Aaron Knight. "This is a visible sign of Mayor Bart Castleberry's commitment to improving the our digital presence.”

Finley Vinson, transportation department director, stresses the results of the survey will be used to help make a decision, not dictate the decision.

“Results from the survey will be used in unison with our quantitative analysis of traffic data collected in the last two months,” said Vinson. “We’ve never done this before so I’m thrilled."

Click here to cast your vote.

Media Contact

Bobby M. Kelly III
Spokesman, City of Conway, Arkansas