Conway Police Department directives and related information

The Conway Police Department is an Internationally Accredited Law Enforcement Agency awarded accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. Policies and standards are set in accordance with the nationwide “best practices” recognized by legal professionals, law enforcement experts, and court decisions. The Conway Police Department undergoes audits by the International Accreditation Committee to ensure compliance with these standards.

Conway Police Department officers exceed the minimum training requirements outlined by the State of Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training. Conway Police Department officers receive mandatory training in diffusion/de-escalation, crime prevention, less lethal use of force options, diversity training, behavioral health crisis, reporting use of force, and biased based policing/racial profiling training on a yearly schedule. In addition officers receive training quarterly on use of force, rules of conduct, firearms, and pursuits. Yearly training is conducted on ethics and mental illness.

The Conway Police Department has policies and procedures in place outlining a use of force continuum and levels of force in relation to levels of resistance. Officers are required to report all uses of force and each incident is reviewed by supervisors, the Office of Professional Standards, and the Office of the Chief.

CPD Use of Force Policy prohibits officers from firing a weapon at or from a moving vehicle unless an officer or third party is in immediate danger of being subjected to deadly force. Officers are prohibited from placing themselves in a position in front of an oncoming vehicle.

Officers are not trained in any type of chokeholds or neck restraints and are instructed even when an offender is ingesting contraband that no physical force will be used to remove the contraband.

Conway Police Department Officers will use the minimum amount of force necessary and reasonable to control a situation, effect an arrest, overcome resistance to arrest, or defend themselves from harm.

Conway Police Department Officers have a duty to report any violations of laws, ordinances, rules of conduct of the department, or orders being disobeyed.

No Conway Police Officer is required to obey an order that is contrary to the laws of the United States, the State of Arkansas or the ordinances of the City of Conway.

Conway Police Department Rules, Directives, and Standard Operating Procedures are reviewed during each investigation or reported use of force to determine if any policy or training changes need to take place. The Directives are an ever changing document that are continually evaluated and reviewed. The directives attached are in effect on June 4th, 2020. Each directive will list the date is was initially established and the most previous date of any official revisions. Annual Reports and Employee Disciplinary Analysis are published on the CPD website under the report link at

Conway Police Officers are equipped with body worn cameras and directed on their mandatory use.

Please find attached Conway Police Department Directives and related information.