First newborn safely surrendered at Conway Safe Haven Baby Box

The Conway Fire Department and Safe Haven Baby Boxes will host a press conference today at Conway Central Fire Station at 4:00 p.m.

The Safe Haven Baby Box was blessed and made available to the public July 7, 2021. The box has already brought its first blessing. Please join us as we educate the community on Arkansas’s Safe Haven Law and hear from the Conway Fire Department personnel who would like to thank the parent who made this difficult choice.

“This project was funded entirely by donations from the community. Hiegel Building Solutions donated materials and labor for the installation,” said Captain Ty Ledbetter of the Conway Fire Department. “This resource has already proven its value in less than one year and I’m confident it will continue to prove its value for years to come."

Safe Haven Baby Boxes was founded by Monica Kelsey, who was abandoned as an infant. Prior to founding Safe Haven Baby Boxes, she served 8 years in the United States military and then her community as a firefighter/medic. Now her life’s mission is to end infant abandonment with the aid of awareness and education on Safe Haven Laws. Providing anonymous safe surrender locations through Safe Haven Baby Boxes is also key to the mission.

Monica Kelsey explains, “We know mothers in crisis need better options to ensure their infants can be safely surrendered legally and anonymously. This is why Safe Haven Baby Boxes are changing the outcome for these vulnerable parents. So today we rejoice that these protective measures have kept this infant and strong mother safe.”

Fifteen infants have been placed in a Safe Haven Baby Box since November of 2017. Nationwide, 115 surrenders have resulted from calling the National Safe Haven hotline. Safe Haven Baby Boxes are currently available in Indiana, Ohio, Arkansas, Florida, and Kentucky.

Monica Kelsey, Safe Haven Baby Boxes

Captain Ty Ledbetter, Conway Fire Department