​Hydraulic efficiency improvements underway along Tucker Creek Trail

Work started at Hogan Ln and will continue moving North throughout the Summer

Tucker Creek Trail

In an effort to decrease the rate of upstream flooding, work crews for the City of Conway are removing large hindrances to channel flow.

Work started at Hogan Ln and will continue moving North throughout the Summer.

“In time we’ll have a grass-covered creek bank that’ll do a much better job of allowing floodwater to flow,” said Mayor Bart Castleberry. “Overhanging limbs and debris have had a detrimental impact on water flow.”

City work crews have been busy clearing brush and overgrown vegetation while leaving a majority of the trees in place. Once the clearing and mulching work is concluded, the area will be seeded with grass to control erosion along the creek bank.

Imporvements in Tucker Creek Trail

“This project will have the largest impact on the hydraulic efficiency and the smallest environmental impact on Tucker Creek,” said city engineer and street department director Finley Vinson.

The project was reviewed and approved by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality.

While some sections of the creek bank have been maintained a handful of times, some sections of the creek channel have never been maintained. The city’s goal is to get the entire stretch of the Tucker Creek Trail in a maintainable state rather than bringing in heavy machinery every 10 years.