Improvements on the horizon for Harkrider St (Hwy 65B)

Aerial photo of Harkrider St (Hwy 65B) from Bruce St to Oak St (Hwy 64) in Conway Arkansas

The City of Conway has partnered with the Arkansas Department of Transportation to improve Hwy 65B (Harkrider St) from Hwy 64 (Oak St) to Bruce St. Although we don't have a definitive start date for construction to begin, we can tell you that it won't be for at least another year.

The project will consist of widening Hwy 65B (Harkrider St) for 0.73 miles between Bruce St and Hwy 64 (Oak St). The widening will upgrade the existing four-lane section to four 11-foot travel lanes with one 12-foot, two-way left turn lane with curb and gutter, and five-foot sidewalks with a three-foot grass berm. The project will also upgrade storm water drainage infrastructure, update the existing traffic signal at the intersection of 6th St and Hwy 65B (Harkrider St), along with a new traffic signal at the intersection of College Ave/3rd St and Highway 65B (Harkrider St).