The City of Conway has partnered with Garver and RDG Planning & Design to study transportation, land use, and urban design for the Oak Street corridor. The study area is bounded by the intersection of Harkrider Street in the west and Hart Lane in the east. The Oak Street corridor is one of Conway’s main commercial corridors and is home to many businesses, including large-scale commercial developments such as Conway Commons. The portion of the corridor to the west of I-40 also serves as an important link to Conway’s downtown.

Areas of priority for the corridor include:

  • Traffic Flow
  • Access Management
  • Safety
  • Image and Aesthetics
  • Existing Business Operation
  • New Development & Infill
  • Bike/Pedestrian Infrastructure
  • Neighborhood Connections
  • Parking Efficiency

The City of Conway will host an open house for Oak Street Ahead at Conway City Hall on Tuesday, February 21st from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.

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