Planning workshops scheduled for Oak Street Ahead

The workshops will focus on collaborating, inviting conversation, listening to concerns, welcoming ideas, and getting reactions to different approaches and concepts.

City of Conway releases Toad Suck Daze traffic flow map

Public safety is a priority so we want everyone to be prepared for a change in traffic flow, downtown road closures, and an increase in pedestrian foot traffic along the streets surrounding the festival.

Conway awarded grant to develop mitigation strategy to reduce downtown flooding

The Arkansas Division of Emergency Management has awarded the City of Conway a $155,000.00 through the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP). HMGP provides grants to state and local governments to implement long-term hazard mitigation measures following a...

How Markham Square will affect Lake Conway - Point Remove Watershed

A watershed is like an ecological zip code. It’s a geographic area comprised of small creeks, medium streams, and large rivers that all drain to a waterbody. All unique in size in shape, but still connected and equally important. Markham Square drains to S...

How Markham Square will improve water quality

The first hour of urban storm water runoff can have a higher pollution index than raw sewage. Treatment drains help to prevent this by diverting large volumes of water and deterring pollution buildup. Leveraging treatment drains and storm water management...

Super Plants at Markham Square

The plants chosen for Markham Square all possess amazing abilities that provide pollinator habitat, and clean the air, soil and water. The water quality hero plants utilize different strategies to improve water quality. They help trap pollutants in their r...

Introduction to Markham Square

Markham Square in Conway, Arkansas is the newest site for a sustainable low-impact development park that provides community green space on a reclaimed brownfield site. By replacing pipes and concrete with living biological systems, parks like Markham Squar...

Lowe's donates over 400 smoke detectors to Conway Fire Department

The City of Conway and the Conway Fire Department would like to thank Lowe's #236 in Conway for donating over 400 smoke detectors to give to community members in need. Pictured left to right: Captain Phillip Short, Captain Luke Birdsong, Assistant Manager...

Conway announces list for 2022 asphalt overlay program

The City of Conway has announced the list of streets scheduled to receive an asphalt overlay in 2022.

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