Residential Recycling

Recycling Cart

The Department of Sanitation provides residential recycling collection to single-family residences utilizing paid green-cart curbside garbage collection and in good standing with Conway Corporation utilities. This service includes one 96-gallon blue curbside recycling cart with weekly collection. Curbside recycling collection occurs throughout the Conway city limits on Mondays only.

  • Citizens residing in multi-family complexes where green-cart service is not utilized are encouraged to bring recyclables directly to the city facility without charge.
  • A residential account with Conway Corporation must be active before collection can begin.
  • With your utility garbage collection, residential recycling and yard waste services are provided at no additional charge.

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Do you live outside the Conway city limits? Contact the Faulkner County Solid Waste Management District for collection requirements and processes. The Conway Department of Sanitation provides collection services only within the Conway city limits.

Accepted Curbside Recyclables

We accept the following clean, dry materials:

Accepted Recyclables

Common items NOT accepted: plastic bags, food waste, face masks, gloves, to-go containers, medical waste of any kind (e.g. needles, band-aids, IV bags, tubing), personal hygiene products, pet food bags, aerosol cans, aluminum foil, batteries, mirrors, ceramics, used napkins, plastic wrap, yogurt cups, clothing, toys, packing peanuts, plastic cups, used paper plates, or plastic packaging.

Collection Guidelines

Curbside recycling collection will occur under the following guidelines:

  • Curbside carts must be placed at the curb no later than 7 a.m. on your regular collection day.
  • Curbside carts must be placed on a flat surface no less than 3-feet from all obstacles (e.g. other carts, utility poles, mailboxes, vehicles, holiday décor, etc.) and within 2-feet of the curb.
  • Place the cart where it opens toward the curb/street and the handle is toward the home.
  • Glass is never allowed in your curbside cart.
  • Large cardboard boxes must be flattened and placed 3-feet from the cart, no more than 2-feet from the curb, and secured to avoid blowing.
  • The cart lid must close completely

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Glass Bin

Glass Recycling Guidelines

Glass is never allowed in blue recycling carts. Instead, glass recycling bins are available to residents at no additional charge. Rinsed, glass bottles and jars of all colors are accepted. Labels and lids are acceptable. Light bulbs of any kind, appliance glass, windowpanes, mirrors, and tempered glass are not accepted.

Curbside glass collection occurs on your day of regularly scheduled garbage collection.

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Other Recyclables

No other recyclables will be accepted curbside. Residents may bring the following items to the city landfill for legal disposal and reuse (nominal fee may apply):

  • Electronic Waste
    such as televisions, tablets, cellular phones, gaming stations
  • Household Hazardous Materials
    such as motor oil jugs, chemical buckets, batteries, and paint cans
  • Passenger Vehicle Tires
    non-commercial tires only