How Markham Square will affect Lake Conway - Point Remove Watershed

A watershed is like an ecological zip code. It’s a geographic area comprised of small creeks, medium streams, and large rivers that all drain to a waterbody. All unique in size in shape, but still connected and equally important.

Markham Square drains to Stone Dam Creek. This creek is channelized and piped underneath industrial structures inhibiting its natural abilities to clean and slow flood waters.

The Stone Dam Creek tributary affects both the water quality of Little Creek, Pilarm Creek Watershed, and Lake Conway.

Lake Conway is part of the greater Lake Conway Point Remove Watershed. And it flows into the Arkansas River which joins the Mississippi River near Rosedale, Mississippi.

Watersheds exist at nested scales. By taking care of our local waterways we not only make our own communities cleaner and safer but we also improve water quality for our downstream neighbors.