What if storm water infrastructure could enhance Conway’s urban ecosystems and provide beautiful spaces for recreation and play?

At Markham Square, these low impact development techniques were used as the foundational design approach to mitigate flooding while providing an opportunity for living systems to treat and clean storm water runoff.

Permeable Paving

Allows water to flow through hardscape and infiltrate into the ground, removing sediment and trapping pollution

Infiltration Basin

Large, shallow grassy areas with permeable soils designed to temporarily detain and infiltrate storm water runoff

Rain Gardens

Vegetated depression designed to treat water as it passes through roots and soil and infiltrate the ground


Planted depressions designed to treat water through phytoremediation as it is conveyed farther downstream

Vegetated Walls

Utilize vertical water harvesting to treat water and reduce storm water runoff loads

Make sure to visit Markham Square after a rain event to see these low impact development features in action as they work together to absorb rain water, slow flooding, and filter out pollutants.