Super Plants at Markham Square

The plants chosen for Markham Square all possess amazing abilities that provide pollinator habitat, and clean the air, soil and water.

The water quality hero plants utilize different strategies to improve water quality. They help trap pollutants in their roots to prevent contaminants from moving downstream. Some species like little bluestem and switchgrass break down petroleum-based pollutants into less toxic components.

By cleaning storm water runoff, plants protect our drinking water supply and enhance habitat for downstream neighbors like fish, turtles and birds.

In addition to their phytoremediation powers, many plants here provide food and habitat to crucial pollinators. Arkansas pollinators like resin bees, the brown belted bumble bee, and the red admiral butterfly ensure that agricultural crops produce healthy yields and strengthen genetic diversity amongst flowering plants.

Globally, pollinator habitats are in decline due to decreased habitat and widespread pesticide use.

We can help by planting diverse, native, water-wise species in our local landscapes.